Find highly qualified diverse candidates 
Take action to improve diversity in your organization by finding and including highly qualified, diverse candidates in your recruiting pipelines
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See why SeekOut is rated the #1 diversity recruiting software on the market according to G2



Build a Diverse Funnel
SeekOut’s diversity search filters for female, Hispanic, Black or African American, and veteran candidates deliver up to five times as many highly qualified diverse candidates as other recruiting tools
Understand Diversity in Talent Pools
Understand diverse representation at a company, geographic or candidate experience level so you can build an actionable recruiting strategy to achieve your company's diversity and inclusion goals
Reduce Unconcious Bias
With SeekOut's Blind Hiring Mode, focus your sourcing on experience and skills by hiding information that could reveal a candidate’s gender, race or ethnicity so your recruiters and hiring managers can minimize unintended bias

“Clients are always asking for us to include diverse candidates in our outreach and SeekOut makes finding them much easier. With a simple click I can find great diverse candidates. SeekOut makes sourcing for diversity simple!”

- Michaella Dempsey
Principal Sourcer, Recruiting Bandwidth
SeekOut helps you find the right talent fast.
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