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Be the Diversity Champion
Learn how a data-driven approach can help you achieve your organization's diversity goals.
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The research is clear: a diverse and inclusive workforce leads to higher employee engagement, better decision-making, and improved business results. But talent acquisition teams often struggle to source the diverse candidate pipelines required to build diverse teams. A data-driven approach to diversity recruiting can help.
Source More Qualified Candidates from Underrepresented Groups
SeekOut’s proven methodology enables our customers with deep talent analytics so they can proactively source qualified candidates from underrepresented groups and reduce bias in the hiring process. Our advanced AI analyzes multiple aspects of a candidate profile and accurately classifies each into relevant diversity categories, so you can:
  • Find 5x highly-qualified, diverse candidates with SeekOut’s diversity search filters for Women, Hispanic, Black, Asian, and Veteran candidates
  • Understand the diverse representation of different talent pools through Diversity Analytics – Sophisticated AI delivers best-in-class recall and precision
  • Reduce unconscious bias by hiding a candidate’s gender, race, or ethnicity and make assessments based on a candidate’s experience and skills
  • Create diverse representation in enterprise, technology, and leadership roles to build a more diverse and inclusive organization
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Best Practices for Diversity Recruiting

Implementing diversity recruitment best practices can help you identify the best talent, become a strategic advisor to your hiring managers, achieve your diversity targets.

Invest a couple minutes in watching our practical tips on diversity recruiting that will lead to powerful outcomes.

Some of Our Innovative Customers

“SeekOut exceeds our expectations, especially when we are hiring for diversity. My team sourced and hired a woman engineering manager within the first 30 days of our pilot.”
— Beth Kester-Warne
Recruiting Manager, ExtraHop
Achieve your recruiting goals with the #1 diversity recruiting software according to G2.
If you’re looking to streamline diversity hiring initiatives at your organization, SeekOut can help. To get started, request a demo today and learn more about the easiest way to source diverse talent and build a stronger team.
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