Massive candidate pool

Access to all public profiles

Get access to 420M+ public profiles worldwide, plus 13M+ GitHub developers and the ability to search over 600M candidates on 37 social networks.

Rich, up-to-date profiles

Search candidates based on their complete, up-to-date public profiles — not just their current position.

SeekOut candidate search
Powerful diversity features

Diversity filters

Ensure a more diverse pool of candidates using our diversity filters, including female, Hispanic, African American, veteran and country of origin.

Blind hiring mode

Remove unconscious bias while sourcing with Blind Hiring Mode, hiding the information that could reveal a candidate’s gender, race or ethnicity.

Diversity insights

Find where diverse candidates work, how many are available for your roles and how your company’s diversity hiring stacks up against the competition.

SeekOut diversity hiring
Advanced GitHub searchNew!

Enhanced profiles

Get a complete picture of each candidate’s skills and experience with SeekOut’s profile, which combines GitHub profile with contributions across all public repositories and work experience from other public profiles.

Power filters

Find candidates for common developer roles with one click using power filters that automate the creation of complex searches.

Programming language expertise

Understand each candidate’s overall proficiency and language expertise based on their contributions to public repositories.

Code examples

Get links to the candidate’s code that you can send to hiring managers to show skill level and use to personalize cold outreach.

SeekOut github search
Flexible people insights

Position insights

Learn about the backgrounds, skills, interests and education of the people in your target position to gain alignment with hiring managers and create smarter searches.

Company insights

Get a high-level view of the talent at any company to understand where and who they hire.

Market insights

Easily size the talent pool for specific skills or experience and understand where qualified candidates currently work.

Competitive insights

Learn which companies your competitors recruit from, which schools they recruit at and how their workforce compares to yours.

SeekOut People Insights
Access to verified contact information

Candidate email addresses and phone numbers

Get access to personal and work email addresses, landline and mobile phone numbers with the click of a button. SeekOut has the most comprehensive and accurate personal contact information in HR tech.

Real-time email verification

Have confidence that the emails we provide are valid thanks to our real-time verification process.

Social Profiles

Use candidates social profiles and interests to create more engaging outreach emails.

Automated email campaigns

Create personalized email sequences to improve your response rates.

SeekOut candidate contact information
Tools to keep you organized


Save candidates into projects for specific roles to keep your sourcing organized. With projects, you can also get contact info or export candidates in bulk.

Saved searches

Avoid re-work by saving searches to projects, so you can apply all the same filters with a single click.

Candidate notes

Remember your thoughts about a candidate, add additional context to their profile and keep track of their status with private candidate notes.

Export your data

Take full candidate profiles with you in bulk so you can fit them into your existing workflow. Easily upload candidates to your ATS or CRM of choice.

SeekOut candidate profile export

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