SeekOut Accelerates Technical Hiring for RPA & AI Startup UiPath

The fastest-growing enterprise software company in history is utilizing SeekOut’s platform to hire product managers and engineers

More and more companies are turning to robotic process automation (RPA) platforms to automate business processes, which in turn lowers costs and boosts productivity. In fact, Gartner predicts that by 2024, companies will lower operational costs 30 percent by combining hyperautomation technologies with redesigned operational processes. This is one of the main reasons why RPA is also the fastest-growing enterprise software segment, according to Gartner. 

UiPath is the leading global provider of RPA and process mining software—and the world’s most valuable AI startup. Last year, the company closed on a massive $568 million Series D funding round and is now valued at about $7 billion. 

A company like UiPath, however, can’t operate on funding alone. They also need access to skilled and experienced machine learning scientists and AI professionals. Discovering advanced technical talent is critical for maintaining market position in the ultra-competitive enterprise AI space, where skilled and experienced machine learning scientists are few and far between—to the point there is a massive talent shortage in the industry.

Due to rapid growth, UiPath can’t afford to miss any top-tier candidates when they hit the job market. So, their internal recruitment team decided to be proactive and look at alternative tools to aid in their sourcing efforts. 

Their goal was to find additional candidates that they might have missed on LinkedIn Recruiter which, like most of the leading recruiting tools on the market, lacks the ability to drill down deeply into a candidate during the early vetting stage. This puts hiring teams at a disadvantage.

Discovering Talent in the Digital Age

At UiPath, the task of finding AI talent falls squarely on Product Engineering Talent Acquisition Lead Eric Yaeger and his team. 

Yaeger, an industry veteran with two decades of technical recruiting experience under his belt, has a keen eye for talent and a refined hiring strategy. 

“I think that we actually have a really good, ever improving process,” Yaeger explains. “As we were scaling,  we hired 220 people at UiPath in a relatively short amount of time. Virtually all of them have been great fits, and I think that’s an attribute to how we interview.” 

In order for a company like UiPath to reach its full potential, it needs to continuously improve its talent acquisition strategy in order to ensure the best and brightest minds join the team. To this end, Yaeger is always on the lookout for tools that can further optimize the recruitment process.

In April 2019, Yaeger was invited to demo SeekOut’s groundbreaking recruiting platform at a company reception in Bellevue. Due to his team’s fantastic track record, he was initially skeptical of trying a new tool.

SeekOut provides an AI recruiting platform that enables easy access to hard-to-find and diverse talent pools along with advanced insights and outreach capabilities. It’s a one-stop-shop for talent discovery.

“I entered the demo thinking I'm a Boolean expert—I'm going to run my search against SeekOut during the demo,” Yaeger says. “At the time, we were doing some heavy talent mapping for this Bellevue event. We really wanted to get all the senior and principal engineers invited, and I was pretty confident that I had everyone I wanted. Our team had been working on this for four months, and we had an awesome list. So, we ran some different parameters against SeekOut, and there must have been 10 great engineers that weren't on my list.”

Yaeger immediately sprang to action to implement SeekOut.

“SeekOut was amazing,” Yaeger continues. “I left the meeting, grabbed our Chief People Officer and said you have to come see this. It was pretty powerful—I had never seen anything like it.”

Enhancing the Hiring Process with SeekOut 

Yaeger and his team demoed SeekOut for a week before deciding to implement the software into their recruiting workflow. Thanks to the following features, they haven’t looked back since—something that’s common for people who immerse themselves in the software. 

1. Advanced search

Yaeger raves about SeekOut’s search features which include Boolean search, custom power filters, and AI-powered search capabilities.

“SeekOut took out a lot of the gaps,” Yaeger explains. “I've been doing this for a long time so I have a pretty good idea about a candidate when I see a LinkedIn profile. But with SeekOut, I can instantly see where a person excels. It doesn’t matter how little information their profile has. I can form an instant picture from all their other data points.”

SeekOut saves UiPath’s recruiting team a lot of time. The machine learning-driven search engine is able to zero in on the people that have good publications and citations, with incredible accuracy.

“Before, when I was looking for ML engineers, I’d find someone on LinkedIn, then have to go to  Google Scholar, and check out their citations and H-index,” Yaeger says. “That takes time because the success rate is fairly limited. When I run a search in SeekOut, 90 percent of them come back with H-indexes that are really high.”

2. GitHub Search

The UiPath recruiting team does a lot of searching on GitHub. But according to Yaeger, it can be hard to  get a complete picture of people. 

Yaeger likes how SeekOut combines users’ GitHub profiles and code contributions with their work experience and education from public profiles to create a complete and searchable view of deep-tech talent. By doing so, SeekOut can locate developers with the specific skill sets the team is looking for. 

“To be able to dial in like that—to not only have the GitHub account but then have it connect to LinkedIn or some sort of social account—and then to know what their main contributions are in one spot is huge,” Yaeger says.

3. Diversity hiring 

Research shows that diverse teams drive better business outcomes. SeekOut makes the process of finding highly qualified, diverse candidates fast and easy.

“With SeekOut, you can quickly discover talented candidates from historically underrepresented communities within tech,” Yaeger says. “This is helpful to making sure your candidate queue is representative of the market and ultimately creating a more inclusive company.”

Building a Stronger Team with SeekOut 

When we spoke with Yaeger, his department was about eight months out from his initial SeekOut deployment. During that time, the engineering and product department was able to successfully hire and onboard many people in a short time using SeekOut’s software. 

Fast-forward to today, and SeekOut is an integral part of the hiring process for UiPath’s product and engineering team. The team is now considering scaling the software deeper across the organization into other departments—like sales and marketing. 

According to Yaeger, SeekOut didn’t change UiPath’s hiring process. Rather, it dramatically enhanced their existing strategy—enabling them to discover talent faster and more effectively.

“SeekOut really shines on the front end by allowing us to get those high-quality individuals in the door with less passthrough—and at a higher percentage,” Yaeger concludes. “The end result is that our approach has stayed the same no matter the tool because we go through a pretty stringent process. But it's all about how fast and how well you can execute, and SeekOut has delivered on those fronts spectacularly.”


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