Untapped Talent Pools
Find 100s of millions of candidates from untapped talent pools including public profiles, GitHub, papers and patents, employee referrals, company alumni, candidates in your ATS, and more
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Learn more about the talent pools which power SeekOut's Unified Candidate Profiles 

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SeekOut profiles provide a searchable, 360° view of a candidate

SeekOut brings together what candidates say, what they have done, as well as additional inferred datapoints to create a single unified candidate profile which includes up to 100 different searchable datapoints about candidates' skillsets, background and experience, education, and more.

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GitHub Profiles
Candidates' expertise in specific programming languages, and their ranking among contributors to different repositories which SeekOut determines based on their GitHub activity.
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Expert Profiles
Candidates' deep subject matter expertise based on published papers, patents conferences, as as well metrics which measure how frequently a candidate is cited among papers.
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Unified Candidate Profiles
Each unified profile includes up to 100 different searchable datapoints including candidate skillsets, background and experience, education, and more.
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