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Your Competitive Edge for Tech and Diversity Hiring
Untapped talent pools
talent pools
AI Sourcing with SeekOut Robot
AI Sourcing
with SeekOut Robot
Diversity filters & blind hiring
filters & blind hiring
Github advanced search
advanced search
Insights for smarter hiring
for smarter hiring
Outreach contact info + email automation
contact info + email automation

Go beyond LinkedIn

SeekOut’s comprehensive database gives you a 360-degree view of talent you can’t find anywhere else.

Our industry leading search and AI-powered features like the SeekOut Robot help you land the right candidate fast.

Get verified email addresses and social profiles for candidates with the click of a button. Reach out to candidates with personalized messages using SeekOut automated email campaigns.

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"SeekOut delivers on the promise of AI-assisted sourcing. It's an incredible value in a feature-packed tool."
Carmen Hudson
Carmen Hudson
Principal Consultant, Recruiting Toolbox and Co-Founder, Talent42

Become a diversity hero

Easily fill the top of your funnel with qualified, diverse candidates with SeekOut’s powerful diversity and veteran filters.

Remove unconscious bias while sourcing with Blind Hiring Mode. It hides information that could reveal a candidate’s gender, race or ethnicity.

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"Within the first 30 days, SeekOut helped my team source and hire a woman engineering manager in the extremely competitive Seattle market. It was a home run."
Beth Kester-Warner
Beth Kester-Warner
Recruiting Manager, ExtraHop
SeekOut diversity hiring

Look brilliant and hire smarter

Grow your credibility and gain the upper hand with actionable insights about people, roles, and talent pools.

Reach alignment with hiring managers, impress clients, add intelligence to your searches and outmaneuver the competition in finding top talent.

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"SeekOut’s People Insights is an incredibly powerful way to gain intelligence on your company, positions, market, and competition… and gives you the data you need to create a true sourcing strategy for your openings!"
Susanna Frazier
Susanna Frazier
3-Time SourceCon Hackathon Champion
SeekOut People Insights

Discover untapped Github talent

Find top global tech candidates that are invisible in other tools with SeekOut’s groundbreaking Github search.

Enhanced profiles give a complete picture of expertise and experience and surface candidates whose technical capabilities can’t be found with other tools or through boolean searches.

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"SeekOut’s GitHub search is a game-changer for tech recruiters. Sourcing on GitHub used to be an incredibly manual task, but they’ve made it easy to find great tech talent."
Jer Langhans James Temple
Jer Langhans and James Temple
Co-Founders @ Paired Sourcing
SeekOut Gihub Search

“Seekout is a recruiter’s dream. It gives you more search capability than LinkedIn and should be one of your go to tools for sourcing.”

Dean DaCosta

Dean DaCosta, The Search Authority


“Seekout is easy to use, great search criteria filters, and awesome results that are exactly what I am looking for in my search!”

Michael Crouse

Michael Crouse, Sr. Manager, Global Talent Acquisition


“Clients are always asking for us to include diverse candidates in our outreach and SeekOut makes finding them much easier. With a simple click I can find great diverse candidates.”

Michaella Dempsey

Michaella Dempsey, Sourcing Recruiter

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